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Jamillah & David Lamb

Perfect Combination: Let this be the year that you live and love happily

Jamillah & David Lamb… Let This Successful Couple Teach You the Real Secrets of a Great Relationship

Welcome to the place that can help anyone obtain love and can help any couple strengthen their love. You’ve found the right website if you are looking for guidance on real love, not the unrealistic stuff in romance movies and romance novels. (Hey, nothing wrong with enjoying them (we do all the time), it’s just that they aren’t exactly loaded with practical advice on love).

What is romance?

So if romance movies and romance books don’t tell the whole story, what does? Let’s start with the 7 key ingredients that we’ve developed in our own relationship. Whenever we’ve shared them with other couples, they never fail to increase happiness and re-charge relationships.

We’re Jamillah and David Lamb, married business partners and producers of the hit off-Broadway play, Platanos Y Collard Greens, and we’re blessed to be able to share our methods for a happy and enduring love.

Love…The Recipe:

Here are the practical guides the other romance books don’t tell you:

√  Let Your Past Be Your Past: Don’t Repeat Old Mistakes That Have Doomed Past Love

√  Memories Matter: Don’t Fight Over the Past; Honor That You Both Have Unique Perspectives

√  It’s About Balance: Worry Less About Who Does What and More About Appreciating Each Other Equally

√  Lighten Up!: No Need to Always Be Right. Instead… Be Here. Now. In This Relationship.

√  Help Each Other: Pain Happens. The Difference Is How You Help Each Other Through It

√  Paying Attention Pays Off: Take an Interest in What Your Partner Enjoys

√  Be Grateful: Step Back. Remember What You Do Have. Maybe That Fight Isn’t So Important After All

Above all, don’t forget the not-so-secret ingredient: remember how special love is… honor love and be willing to work at it! Every minute you spend strengthening your love pays off beyond our ability to understand. So watch those romance movies, read those romance novels, but when you want to know how it’s really done, we can show you the way.


How Can We Help You Learn More About Romance, Love and Marriage?

This site has been created and designed to help other couples give their relationship a solid foundation and teach them teamwork strategies that really work. Here are some options for finding out honest answers to the question… What is Romance?

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1. Our Book – Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together – When people find out we are not just married, but that we live and work together 24/7, they express surprise at our ability to remain so close and happy. We often find ourselves in the role of informal love and relationship counselors. Perfect Combination reveals all our secrets for igniting romance and restoring harmony to any relationship. What makes this book different from other relationship and love manuals? It is a 100% honest look at a real relationship told in a conversational style that captures both female and male perspectives. Told with humor and true affection, it is the book for those who’ve heard other relationship advice and thought, “yes, but how do you actually do that?”

Click to Learn More About Perfect Combination

Click to order Perfect Combination at Amazon or Click to order Perfect Combination at Barnes and Noble

2. Our Blog –  Love Like Kids, Act Like Adults – Stay tuned to our blog for practical tips on love and romance; ideas for dates and ways to surprise and delight your partner; love quotes and marriage quotes; and recommendations on fun romance movies, romance novels, and heartwarming stories.   Check out our Love Like Kids, Act Like Adults blog here.

3. And Everything Else – We’ve got Articles to help, a list of Upcoming Events where you can see or hear us, and more About Us.

What is Love?

From one perspective, love is simple. It means committing to each other. Creating your own true-life romance stories that honor who you uniquely are…

But love can also get complicated. This is where we can help. We provide an honest look at what actually keeps the romance going; practical tips that help you find balance and harmony; and true support on your journey to love and fulfillment.  Learn more here.

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What makes us sure we can help you? We work and live together pretty much 24/7. During that time, we’ve learned a few things about ourselves and each other. Some couples have a hard time believing that we don’t want to kill each other spending so much time together. Hey, we’re a real couple… it’s not about never fighting… it’s about finding ways to getting through things in a way that honors both partners. It is a little about discovering how to work at it… and a lot about true teamwork. We show it is possible to Love Like Kids and Act Like Adults.   Learn more here.

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